5 Ways to Take Your Tribe to the Next Level


Level up season is always upon us, and I highly suggest not tackling it alone. * cue Friends by The Carters * Finding personal success can be very isolating, and at times reaching out for help can feel like weakness.

My closest friends and I all work in completely different fields. Though we’ve always supported one another it took awhile for us to figure out how to really be there for each other in a meaningful way. As we figured out what each of us needed, we incorporated these 5 things into our friendship to help us each level up individually and as a squad.

  1. Goals Group

    Starting a goals group with your girlfriends is a great way to stay on track with the things you want to accomplish for the year. Achieving your goals can be a hard thing to do without accountability and support. Working toward achieving your goals in a place where you feel the most supported will no doubt yield the biggest results. Your friends are people that you trust and respect. A goals group with your friends will put your mind at ease when it comes to talking about the things that set your soul on fire.

    To start out make a plan to meet once a month in person to write out your goals for the month and revisit your objectives for the quarter. Throughout the month set weekly calls for checking in and encouragement. Consistency will be your best friend on the road to success and having friends as built in accountability partners is a major bonus.

  2. Book Club

    Getting your book count up is typically toward the top of every go-getter’s to-do list. Starting a book club is awesome for a group of friends looking to gain information and grow their skill set. It can expand each individual members’ outlook on the world while also building a stronger bond among the group.

    Not sure where to start? Talk with your girls about the books they have on their lists. Discuss any skills you all are seeking to obtain or ideas you would like to further explore. Create a combined list of book that interest you all and set your dates.

  3. Monthly Growth Classes

    If your city is anything like Nashville, then there is a workshop every other day. Check your local event calendars and alternate months selecting a class that interest you. If your schedules will allow it try going to two things a month- one class and one networking event.

    Some good places to look for events that fit your needs are MeetUp, Facebook, and Eventbrite.

  4. Group Workouts

    Getting in shape and staying healthy is hard to do on your own. Doing it with your girlfriends makes it easier to manage by providing support, motivation, and accountability. If any of your friends have mentioned stepping into a healthier lifestyle, round them up and get started. Set your goals out loud, track your progress together, and celebrate individual and group wins.

  5. Self Care Friend Dates

    It can be easy to get caught up focusing on leveling up your friend group and forget that yal are a FRIEND group. Your girls are supposed to be your getaway from the hustle and bustle and your break from all the noise. Take scheduling girls’ night just as serious as scheduling any of the above mentioned suggestions. Be spontaneous when you can, but also be considerate of everyone schedule and lifestyle.

If you and your girlfriends have your own level up routine share it in the comments. I would definitely love to hear your ideas. If you want any suggestions on any of the above things to get started with your girls let me know.

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