10 Perks of Living the Single Life


All the single ladies, this ones for you!



With everyone constantly obsessing over #BaeGoals being single can seem like a drag. While I can agree that there are some major perks to being in a relationship I'd be remiss not to mention all of the wonderful things popping off on single island.

 Yes, maybe you're not on the fast track to being the next Michelle to someone's Barack but don't overlook these great perks of the single life.


No video game noises. No questions. No snoring. No second-hand phone conversations.  🙌🏾🙌🏾

A lot of people take quiet time for granted, but it's so essential. When you're single you get to enjoy your own company in peace. There's no unwanted small talk, no fake conversations, and no interruptions.

Extreme wardrobe freedom

Want to dress like a thotportunist today? Do you! Want to serve major runway vibes and mix some prints? Get IT! Not tryna match in them goddamn Jordans again? Forget about it!

When you're single there's no one "in-house" commenting on what you wear. Gone are the days of explaining to your significant other that you're the style queen they need but don't quite deserve.

Road trip playlist control

Road tripping without a bae means you're free to play whatever you want and never miss your favorite part. Go ahead and run all of those Ariana Grande tracks back, baby girl, no one is gonna stop you.


I will NEVER discredit the pure, unadulterated satisfaction of a good bust down, however, masturbation is a Godsend. Sometimes you just need to get yours without any of the hoops.

And, yes, I know you can masturbate when you're in a relationship but it's just not the same. Single masturbation is worshiping the V whenever and wherever you want without having to protect anyone's bruised ego.

Not shaving when you don't feel like it

Being smooth is nice and everything, but sometimes ain't nobody got time for that. Without anyone giving you the regular rub down you can go a few days longer without shaving, waxing, etc. That there is also a few extra showers that won't go cold on you before you're done. Win-win am I right?!?

Being selfish

It's inevitable- if you're in a relationship eventually everything that was once a "me" decisions becomes a "we" decisions.  Things as simple as eating dinner turn into schedule syncing and ”what are you in the mood for.”

Single life, on the other hand, allows you to bask in the freedom of selfishness. There's no need to worry about what anyone else wants to do or how they'd feel about something. It's all you and whatever makes your heart happy.


Hey single Pringle, if you're not dating are you really taking full advantage of your freedom?

Yes, this post is all about the things to enjoy when you don't have a significant other but make no mistake dating is definitely one of them. A common misconception with dating, today, is that you can only date one person, but that is not the case.

Dating is all about having fun and getting to know new people. Though it’s likely that you will meet someone who you want to start a relationship with, that doesn't have to be your end game. Get out and try some new restaurants, see a few movies, and kiss a few lips- no strings attached


Not showering

Act brand new if you want, but we've all spent a full day in the clothes we slept in binge-watching tv, scrolling on our phone, and being only semi-productive. If it's really real you might even throw some clothes on and run a few errands. Skipping a shower out of pure laziness is a simple single luxury but a luxury nonetheless.

Working whenever and for as long as you want

Work - life balance can be hard to manage when you're in a relationship. The time you would typically spend working extra hours to get a leg up on the competition now goes to dates and quality time.  No bae means that the work day can start and stop when you say so without any contempt or hard feelings.

Hanging With Your Girls

Of course you can hang out with your girls whenever but it's different when you're in a relationship. In the single life, girlfriend hangs have no limits. Everything is fair game and you NEVER EVER have to pass up a thotportunity. Take another shot and dance on the table if you want to, nobody's gonna fuss when you get home.

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