Best Plants for the New Plant Mom

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Hey plant mama.

Yes, you!

If you’ve been thinking about buying some plants and testing out your green thumb now is definitely the time.  Since it’s warm out and you don’t have to worry about dormancy or over watering as much, starting your garden now will give you a chance to see just how skilled you really are.

What I hear most from people who think plants are dope but can’t seem to commit is “I’ll kill it.”  Well, queen, I hear you and I know keeping yourself alive on a daily might be a struggle but you're in luck.  There are some plants out there who hardly need your love at all. I mean you would have to try really hard to kill them. Keep reading to learn about the best starter plants for all my new plant mamas.


Succulents are a huge class of desert plants that don’t require a whole lot of upkeep. To me they’re are the bougie bitches of the plant world. They are independent queens who don’t need no gardener. Honestly, they should be called the “set it and forget it” plants.  

Your two basic types of succulents are going to be high and low light. For high light succulents keep plants anywhere that they will get at least 8 hours of sunlight. Low light plants can either be placed where they will get about 3 hours of indirect sunlight, or in a shaded area.

Succulents need well draining soil. To know when it’s time to water your succulent stick your finger in the soil and make sure it is dry all the way through. Water thoroughly and let it go back to living its best life.


Pothos is an air purifying plant that vines beautifully as it grows. Pothos do well in low, medium, and high light (depending on their species), so they can virtually be placed anywhere. I like keeping mine up on a high shelf so that when it’s time the vines will have room to climb. Pothos like wet, but not saturated soil. To know when it’s time to water check to see if the top inch of soil is dry, and water lightly if needed.


Cacti are by far my favorite plant. They come in so many different species and are super low maintenance. Many plant forums don’t recommend growing cacti because it can be unrealistic for them to thrive in typical home environments, but it can be done.

When growing cacti the most important thing is knowing what type of cactus you have. This will help you gather specific care tips. The second most important things is giving them plenty of sun and warmth. Cacti are desert plants so they’re used to very warm days and cool nights. They will thrive well in a sunny window.

In the summer you will want to water you cactus regularly. To know when it’s time to water stick your finger in the soil and make sure it’s dry all the way through. During the winter months you can water lightly.

Fittonia/ Anne

Fittonias are a beautiful green plant that has white or red veins running through their leaves. Another low light girl, the Anne is pretty much the plant that doesn’t die. I’ve come home quite a few times to mine slumped over and sad only to water her and have her perk right back up. Annes like to stay wet and moist so water them when the topsoil starts to get a little dry.

Since it’s a low light plant you can place it anywhere it will get a few hours each day of indirect sunlight.

Ok plant queens, go forth and prosper. You now have an all-star line up of beautiful plants that will have you feeling like a true gardener in no time.

When you buy your first baby make sure to tag me on the gram. I want to see what you got AND what you name it!

Once you’re really ready to get your plant mama on grab this mini in home gardening kit!

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