10 Things Not To Bring With You Into the New Year


Save those resolutions for someone else



2018 is almost over and as the tradition goes it's time to start making resolutions, purchasing that planner you'll never use, and signing up for the gym while they're still giving out discounts. Seriously, why are we like this? While I appreciate the sentiment behind setting new year's resolutions, I think it is way more effective to set specific, manageable goals centered around how you want your life to be in the future. Unlike resolutions, goals are rooted in a more personal "why". If thought out correctly they will connect to a much bigger purpose and won't disappear once a few simple tasks have been completed.

Setting these goals, however, will require a certain level of self-evaluation and self-awareness a lot of people have never really done before. We all tend to say that we're our own worst critics, but the real question is are we our most honest critic?

Before the year is up I challenge you to honestly take a look at how you lived in 2018 and release yourself from these 10 things before stepping into the new year.

Bad health

Whether you're 100 lbs or 500 lbs good eating and exercise habits should be important to you. Though body weight is a determining factor in a lot of health issues weight isn't the only (or most important) factor of health. This is, however, the only body that you will get. Take care of it. Drink more water, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, and introduce the word moderation into your decision making vocabulary. Stop waiting for someone else to motivate you to take better care of yourself. The resources are out there. Use them.

A poor understanding of your credit score and how credit works

If you ever want to own anything in your life then you need to know about credit. Stop being ok with responding "I don't know" when people ask you questions about your credit. Struggle adulting is cute on the internet, but don't play around and really be struggling out here because you're refusing to educate yourself. Sites like Credit Karma are great for helping you become credit literate.

Toxic relationships

Whew, chile! I could write a book on why you should leave toxic people exactly where they had you fucked up, but I'll keep it brief. You know exactly who the toxic people in your life are. Burn those bridges and stop wasting your time.

Poor time management habits

Though we may not have the same amout of resources as current Beyonce, we've always had the same amount of hours in each day. Beyonce wasn't always the Beyonce that we know and love today. She used her time wisely and she worked her ass off.  Poorly managing your time WILL lead you to wasting more of it than you can afford. Get yourself into a routine and watch the changes it makes in your life.



Excuses yield no profit and it's honestly as simple as that. Many of the things that happen to you in your life won't be your fault, I get that, but the way that you respond to them is. Making excuses does nothing to further your business, brighten your day, or help you grow. Leave excuses in 2018 and choose instead to find solutions in the new year.

An empty savings account

If you don't have any money in your savings account right now then you need to sit down and take a serious look at your finances.  Not having any money in your savings account could really put you into a bind if something serious were to happen. Don't add that unnecessary stress to your life. If you're not making enough money at your job consider your options. If you are making enough but can't figure out where you can save, take a look at your extras. Throwing that $16 a month into your savings account instead of having HBO could be a paid bill if you're ever out of work.

Weak boundaries

People learn how to interact with you from you. If you allow people to treat you a certain way you can not go home and be mad that they did. Stop upsetting yourself over unmet expectations that were never clearly defined.  Set boundaries with people early and don't waver on them. You owe yourself that peace.

Negative coping skills

Whether we do it consciously or without thinking we all are coping with something. It is all of the ways in which we choose to deal with our short and long-term traumas. Too often when adults report their preferred coping mechanism it includes unhealthy things like overeating, drinking, or drug use. Some of these behaviors are learned and come from a cycle of negative coping skills and other are socialized through pop culture and social media. Regardless of how you picked up your negative coping skills, it's time to let it go and find positive ways to deal with your issues. If you're not sure of what positive coping skills are try this list.

Poor communication skills

Poor communication is definitely one of those things you get "too old" for. After a certain age, your hints and roundabout way of talking will no longer be tolerated. As an adult people will expect you to be able to properly communicate the things you need and want because, well, you're an adult. Take a deep breath, stop mumbling, and look people square in the eye and communicate. Also, take the time to reread your written and typed correspondence. Typos and poor grammar can quickly lead to people not taking you seriously.


Wayne Gretzky is quoted as saying "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take" and this will forever be a mantra for me. If you allow fear to follow you into the new year I can guarantee that you will miss out on opportunities to grow. Let fear be frozen in 2019 and let it go!